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ramana maharshi | who am I? | guru | self-enquiry | spiritual instruction | wisdom | words | silence | daily talks | reality | padam - formless self | arunachala
abide in the self | upadesa tiruvahaval | annamalai swami | self alone is real | swami rama tirtha | real self | i am that | practical freedom | sun of self
h.w.l. poonja | freedom now | remembering | meeting ramana | who is aware of consciousness? | who are you? | words | no practice | final abode | lion's roar
eternal rest | peace is always everywhere | plunge into eternity | i am eternal self | summa iru | wisdom | here and now in lucknow | reject everything
ma anandamayi | words | old tcheng | sayings | siddharameshwar maharaj | beyond nothing | perfection of material science | master key | non-action | self
nisargadatta maharaj | words | a great maharashtrian jnani | self-knowledge and self-realisation | meet the sage | detachment | awareness | who am I?
life | "i am" | all is a dream | guru and disciple | ranjit maharaj | meeting siddharameshwar | everything is nothing | forget everything | death is not true
real and unreal | u.g. krishnamurti | natural state | words | remembering | no separation | nothing to understand | chief joseph | way of the warrior
advaita | vedanta | devikalottara | supreme wisdom | atma sakshatkar | direct awareness of the self | vichara mani mala | jewel garland of enquiry
avadhuta gita | ever-free | ashtavakra gita | purest expression of truth | ribhu gita | heart | wisdom | bhagavad gita | essence | the song celestial
adi shankaracharya | atma bodha | aparokshanubhuti | dakshinamurti strotram | dasasloki | nirvana shatkam | drik drisya viveka | vivekachudamani
seng tsan | faith mind | gaudapada | mandukya karika | katha upanishad | death as teacher | yoga vasistha | dispassion | seeker's behaviour | essence
ramakant maharaj | reality has nothing to do with words | lama guendune rinpoché | free and easy | ellam ondre | all is one | william samuel | now



Let there be peace and love among all beings of the universe. OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

"When you are vigilant, watchful, there is no mind.
Simply keep watchful."

APAJI :  It's important to speak about "notion", because whatever is created and whatever is seen is just a notion. Don't be surprised.

For example, you may have a very tiny seed in the palm of your hand: it may be a mustard seed, a banyan seed or a sesame seed. You take a banyan seed in the palm of your hand and what do you see in it? A huge tree with a grand trunk, branches, flowers, millions of fruit, and again, billions and trillions of seeds in it. All that in a tiny seed!

So, I'm comparing this with notion. This seed, when it comes into contact with the soil, sprouts and becomes a tree. Likewise, a notion will sprout when it touches consciousness. The notion has now sprouted like this – universe, time, space – all that you see – past, present, future, man, animals, mountains, rivers, forests. It's a tiny seed-like notion. When consciousness touches this notion, it sprouts and gives rise to the mind. So all this becomes a notion: all these diverse objects which appear spring from the single notion that, "I suffer", "I am happy", "I am bound", "I want to be free". All these are just notions.

A sage is free from any notion because he knows that all this is just a notion. But others, who have yet to be enlightened, are not free from notions. Therefore, they think that they are bound, that they are suffering and that they have to get enlightened, somehow, later on.

So, how to be free from all notions? Notion is just a thought, your own thought. Now, this thought must rise from somewhere. As a seed touches the soil, sprouts, and becomes a tree, likewise, a notion touches consciousness, sprouts and becomes a mind.

Without soil, a tree could not sprout. In the same manner, without consciousness as a substratum, mind could not arise. Where could the mind stand unless it has some soil, some foundation, some substratum? So, those who know the substratum and the rise of the mind, will never suffer. And those who will begin from the sprout, from the notion itself, and look at the branches, the fruit, the flowers and the sufferings, the happiness and the joys of life, they will endlessly suffer because they do not know the substratum of all this. Thought is the substratum. Thought is the mind. Mind is time, space, past. How does it rise? It rises... or rather it appears to rise although it is not true. If it rises or not, if it is created or not... both are simultaneously seen, as you see a mirage in the desert. You see a running river in the desert, in the sands. River is running. It can be said it exists, and it also can be said to not exist. Both are true. It looks like a river and people go running to have a swim in it, because it looks like a real river. And it is also true that it doesn't exist because it is just sand. There's no river at all, so both are simultaneous true.

So call this "samsara", call this "world". It exists like a mirage. And we can also say that it doesn't exist. These truths are simultaneously real. If you take it this way, then it is also true to say that "all this is not real". "It is real" is also true, like the mirage and like the seed. It is real because it sprouted from consciousness. But as a notion it is not true.

Ego arises from a notion – ego of observer, observation and observed. Here the trouble starts, you see. But for the sage this trouble is not there. His observer, observation and observed are the same. Therefore he is happy. And the one who is not happy, who has yet to be awakened, he thinks, "I am the observer and this object of observation gives me happiness which I experience." He is surely in trouble. He has to get rid of his own notions, somehow, either by sitting with a saint or through investigating with his own discrimination, discernment.

So now there appear to be two things, you see. How to get rid of this ego that brings us diversity? In one, there is no diversity, yet in the other, diversity and unity appear the same, like that of the river in the desert appears real but is also not real. The basis, the substratum of all these diversities, dualities, are like the waves in the ocean being none different from their substance, water. So let there be multiplicity of waves which cannot lose their oneness from the water. Even if diversity appears – people may look different, have different views, have different shapes, different forms – but the essence is one. And that essence is the same in all beings and non-beings.

If you are aware of this then you are free, happy and eternally blissful, because bliss comes when you are ever aware of consciousness. There is no difference between bliss and consciousness. Diversity implies suffering, but if you know that the origin of all diversity is consciousness, even then you won't have any problem. You must arrive, you must reach that underlying ground, you must understand that the underlying essence of everything is consciousness.

When you look at people, when you look at mountains, when you look at a river, when you look at your body, you must be conscious. You are conscious. In the waking state you are conscious of all the objects and you are conscious of your activities with them. When you dream you are also conscious of subtle activities and your subtle relationships in the dream. You are quite aware of the subject with all the objects, and you experience the dual sense of objectivity and subjectivity. You are conscious of all this. So the basis of all this activity is consciousness. Even in deep sleep you are also conscious, because you say, "I slept" or "I had a very peace... sound sleep." You are conscious. So, all these three states are projected from consciousness. All these things are afloat within consciousness, and you are that consciousness. Even in transcending these three states – in the fourth transcendental state – you are still That.

And beyond the fourth state, beyond the turiya state, no one knows. It is not known to anyone because it is the very depth of consciousness, you see. Even the word "consciousness" is not found there. No words, no experiences, no "I", "you", "he" or "she" ever exists there. This is your true nature. This is the Truth. This is the ultimate understanding. And this is always eternally present here and now. It is presence itself. It is presence itself. It is never absent at any time, and That which is never absent is called Truth, Freedom, Wisdom. Whatever is true must always exist here, now and everywhere, and must be omniscient and omnipresent. Omniscience and omnipresence is That which you are. Now you have to playfully live along with and enjoy all these waves with different forms. This is your happiness.

Question: When I am in meditation, when I am quiet, there is nobody else. I'm alone and at peace.

Papaji: Yes, you are alone here. OK.

Question: But when I see everybody here, I get confused. Is it all just consciousness?

Papaji: What is the confusion? How is your aloneness disturbed? At the moment you are quiet, at that time do you feel that you are living with a body or not?

Question: There is no body, only consciousness and I'm not suffering.

Papaji: Only consciousness. OK. Now, what is it that arises from within consciousness and disturbs you? First you went from outside into consciousness because you were unhappy. You were suffering, you were not quiet and wanted to keep quiet.

Question: Yes, that's true.

Papaji: You were not quiet, you didn't like quietness, and somehow you entered into quietness. So suffering ended when you entered quietness, peace. Now, how did you disturb this peace? Now you tell me.

Question: I began to think.

Papaji: OK, you think within the peace. Let's say you are in the middle of an ocean and your head is pressed under water. What do you think about in the water?

Question: I want to be free.

Papaji: Free from what?

Question: I'd like to get out.

Papaji: When you get out, what happens? You are in the ocean, in the middle of the ocean. In the same way, you say you are in the peace. And this peace has no limitations. Peace has no limitation, no demarcations, no North, South, East and West. Now you want to be disturbed. How can you disturb yourself? You have to jump out of peace to be disturbed. Take a single step out of peace and tell me that "I am disturbed now." Go out of peace, somehow push peace away and then tell me, "Now I'm not at peace." Who will not like peace? And if you are out of peace, then what else have you given preference to which is better than peace, more beautiful than peace?

Question: Nothing!

Papaji: Then?

Question: I know I must go for peace.

Papaji: Yes, then how could you reject it? And for what?

Question: I think it's an old habit that I make all the time. I reject it and I...

Papaji: No, no. You have to decide one thing, "I don't want peace". That's all, you decide then.

Question: No, I want peace.

Papaji: OK. If you want peace, you are in peace. If you don't want peace, you are never in peace. "I am not in peace" is just a notion. You can never be in peace if you think like this. That's all. There are only two things, you see. You must decide what you want. This is your decision. It is only your notion. Only a few people have understood that "I am not peace" is just a notion, not a good notion. Therefore you are here. So, what do you decide here?

Question: Yes, I can feel it. Sometimes I have this notion and then sometimes I like to go to peace but...

Papaji: Even then there's no problem. You say, "Sometimes I am in peace and sometimes I am not in peace." There's no problem even then.

This samsara is in front of you and you want to make a permanent abode in it. This is the problem that is troublesome. That's what you want. That can never happen, you see.

For example, you are waiting for your connecting flight in transit lounge of an airport. The transit lounge is very comfortable. And they announce that your flight is ready for boarding, and you say, "No, no, I want to remain here. It's much better here." What will happen? Can you stay there?

Question: No.

Papaji: No, you will never be allowed to stay there. Now, this samsara is a transit lounge. Everyone is waiting for his flight. There are many announcements being made and everyone is waiting. If you make friends with other people in the lounge who have all got different flights, then it is only going to make you sad at the time when one of you has to fly away. You will suffer. Your flight number will come and you will fly away. The lounge will always be full of different people. So this world is a transit lounge. Nobody has ever stayed here permanently. Different faces appear all the time. So, this samsara can never be peaceful because everything is constantly changing.

Question: So, peace is somewhere else?

Papaji: Peace is always everywhere. But you mistake it. When you attribute this peace to a very particular place, you will be troubled. This particularity troubles you. Peace is everywhere, beauty is everywhere, love is everywhere, consciousness is everywhere. Go wherever you want to go. First of all, why did you put a demarcation between peace and suffering? What makes you suffer? Why are you looking for peace at all?

Question: I can feel it's the only way. I must win peace. I need peace.

Papaji: I say, "You are peace!" Simply, if you know this then you know the Truth. Then you can do whatever you feel. That's all. You are consciousness. You are everything and everywhere.

In the deep sleep state there are no forms, no names, no subjects and no objects whatsoever. You don't see any mountains, any men, animals or birds. You don't even see your own body. There is no trouble within the sleep state. Why don't you bring the sleep state into the next waking state? In the sleep state you are very happy. Now you are slowly entering into the next waking state, call it 6 a.m. Now, at what time do you reject this happy state of sleep? At what time and why?

Question: 6 a.m. and 1 second, when the thoughts come in.

Papaji: Yes. So this thought was a notion which was already there, previous to the sleeping state. Before sleeping you say "I have to get up at 6 a.m.". So this notion, which was buried latently into your unconscious mind, wakes you up. If the last thought of the last waking state is "I am free, I am happy", I am bliss and I am consciousness", then the first thought of the next waking state will also be "I am consciousness". In the next waking state, who will wake up? Tell me.

Question: Consciousness.

Papaji: Consciousness. You slept within consciousness and you are going to wake up within consciousness. Now, in the sleep state try not to descend, but rather try to ascend. From the sleep state your intention must be to ascend because you are always happy in sleep state, no? You say, "I slept happily." So your next sleep state must transport you to a higher state, not a lower state. And that is called the fourth state.

Question: Who is there to realise that in deep sleep?

Papaji: The one who will not wake up in the next waking state and who goes to the fourth state.

Question: This is also a notion then?

Papaji: Yes.

Question: When I first heard your teachings about freedom I knew in my heart that these teachings were Truth itself and that my going from teacher to teacher was finished. Will you remove the veil of my mind so that I know, beyond intellectual understanding, who I really am?

Papaji: So until now, it has only been an intellectual understanding, from teacher to teacher. Now you ask, "Who am I really ?" Intellect is always very deceptive when you try to understand something. To know your Self you do not need any intellect, you do not need anything. To know your Self there is nothing to understand. You have not to practice anything because freedom is already here, the Self is already here and now. Freedom, if not here, then where could it be possible? If not now, then when? Freedom is stronger than the mind. It is here and now. If you cannot attain it now and here, then when and where will you attain it?

So your question is, "I really want to know who I am." Isn't it? This question pertains to that Truth itself. "Who am I?" pertains to that Truth, Reality, light, wisdom, beauty, peace, which is here and now. You have not to practice anything or join any institute to learn it. You just have to get rid of the notion that "I am not Reality". That's all. You are Reality, but you have been denying your true nature for ages. Taking yourself to be the body, mind, intellect and senses has concealed your true nature. The Truth remained concealed and there sprouted ego.

When you say "I am", to you it means, "I am the body", "I am the mind", "I am the intellect", "I am the senses". So, somehow you have to do away with these false notions. That which remains is the Truth and can never be lost. It is always present with you, always. That you are.

In this instant, you realise the Self by not thinking and by not making any kind of effort. Devote this instant to your Self, to be free whenever possible. During this life span, at least devote one single instant to your own Self, to be free. Here, now, today. Keep quiet. Don't think. No time, no effort. Do you follow?

Question: I follow.

Papaji: If you have, then tell what you are feeling.

Question: I'm totally happy.

Papaji: Keep quiet. Don't think and just turn your face towards your own Self. Don't make any effort, and in this finger snap, in this blink of an eye, in this no-time instant, tell me what you feel? Tell me, who you are and where you are?

Question: [silence]

Papaji: Here your question is answered. You have finished your work, you have finished your journey.

Question: Thank you.

Papaji: This is not a teaching because I give you nothing to do. You only have to look within your own Self, which is not absent, which is never absent. It was only concealed by your desire for something that was not Eternal. That's all.

Eternity is here, peace is here. You have been hankering after things that have deceived you for millions of years. Notions!
So, now is the time, don't hesitate. If there is still any trouble and you want some help, come forward, don't run away, please ask.

Question: It feels like my mind wants to think but it just can't. It feels like my mind wants to come in and do something.

Papaji: You are vigilant, watchful. You are watching. The mind is now coming in because for a million years you have been letting it just enter without asking you. Now you are looking at the "thief". Just watch this "intruder", the trespassing mind.

Question: When I look at it, then it stops.

Papaji: Yes, yes, that's all. When you look at it, it vanishes. You have never looked before, at any time in your life. So this is how to take care of the mind: when you look at it, it disappears.

Question: Why does it disappear?

Papaji: Because it is nothing. When you don't look at it, when you are not watching, then only it becomes a mind. When you don't look at this process it becomes a mind, and when you are vigilant, watchful, there is no mind. For this reason I say, "Simply keep watchful."

Invite the mind; "Come in, you are allowed!", and it will not come because there is no mind. The same mind has now disappeared into the Source. Watchfulness, vigilance, is the Source. When you are not watchful, the samsara appears before you. When you are not watchful, the mischievous mind appears. But when you are watchful, there is no mind. No mind is consciousness.

That's the simplest way to be happy. When you are watchful, there is no mind. Simply keep quiet, don't make any effort and don't think. "Thinking" means mind and "mind" means past. Mind is always from the past. In the present, you have no relationship with mind. In the present, there are no friends to make. Between "no thinking" and "no effort" you have not made any friends, isn't it? And all the old friendships you have had in the past have gone now. "Old friendships" means suffering. Everybody has suffered with old friends, no?

You must befriend someone who remains with you at all times and who will never divorce you. Loving. Eternally loving. That's a very wise friendship, isn't it? Don't be friends with anything that changes. If you want to make a true friend, go towards someone who will not run away from you. There is only one friend that is not going to run from you. Find out who it is.

Question: I see now that I have been attempting to deal with suffering in some way; to escape it, to heal it, to lessen it, to do something about it. And suffering is not the problem. The sufferer is the problem.

Papaji: Yes, yes. You can't avoid this suffering, unless you know your Self. Your Self doesn't suffer at all. Self is fearless. Fear belongs to past. Fear is always from the past. Fear is only in the mind and the mind is past. "I" is past. Find out who is here now? In this very instant you have no fear. In the night, when you say, "Now I will sleep", you enter the present moment. You do away with the past moments of the day. At that instant you don't have fear. You remove the fear from the waking day. Nobody can sleep when there is fear in the mind. Fear and sleep don't go together. When you say, "OK, it is now 11 p.m., goodnight." This "goodnight" is without fear.

If you want to be fearless, know your Self now. What is present right now? That you have to see forever. When you say, "I am free of time, free of space,
free of thought", that is presence. "I am free" is presence and all the rest is past, including the body. Whatever gets old must be from the past.

Question: Please master, can you help me to abide always in this stillness?

Papaji: Very good question. It can only be done if the mind is kept empty. If a thought enters the mind, it disturbs the Emptiness. Remove the mind, that's all. Then the inside Emptiness will never be disturbed.

Question: Yes.

Papaji: And outside, this is Emptiness too. It is all just nothing, nothing... So, this is also all Emptiness. You gain nothing.

Inner Emptiness and outer Emptiness are the same, but the mind creates a difference. The mind says that this inner Emptiness is better than the outer Emptiness. It is like saying that the air inside this room is better than the air outside. The trouble comes with name and form. Mind is only name and form. So, when the concept of name and form goes, then everything is seen as one Emptiness. Any object, any activity in the world is this Emptiness. Then, there'll be no problem.
Now find out what this name and form is.

Question: The ego.

Papaji: This ego is just name and form. Saying that "I am so and so" creates a division. When you say that "I am not at peace in the activity of daily life", this is due to ego. So, the concept "I am so and so" has to be removed. Then all this will be seen as undivided, full flowing consciousness.

Consciousness is here. You need not work to attain it. Now, we are here in this hall, and when we leave, it will be empty again, just as it was before we all entered. At this moment, Emptiness is full of boys and girls, isn't it? But this Emptiness is not complaining and saying "Please go out, I am suffocating." Emptiness doesn't complain and is unconcerned whether you go away or stay. Emptiness is Emptiness. Consciousness is consciousness. The trouble is with you saying "I am so and so". Simply remove this "I am so and so", and move freely within consciousness. Then, everybody will salute you wherever you go. Whatever work is done will be beautiful work, because you are not the doer. So long as doership is there, the trouble arises. "I am not the doer", then consciousness doesn't create any difference. Whether you are working or meditating, no difference. So, somehow doership has to vanish from the scene.

Consciousness cannot be tainted. And this is all your projection, this samsara, the whole routine of work is your projection: "I am doing". You are always still, you have
never done any work. You get the work done by your body, by your limbs. Move... movement of your hands, feet, eyes, whatever it is. These are moved and you call it activity. My hand is holding the glass. Movement, hand is moving.

Who is giving energy to the hand to hold the glass? Go back now and tell me. Go to the reservoir of energy that sends a message to the hand, "Pick up the glass, do this work, do that work." When you look at it, it will not complain. It is absolutely immaculate and no doership. It gets work done through everybody. It commands the sun to rise and shine, and the oceans and winds to move. But it is without any work, so serene, so peaceful. So That, you must identify yourself with. You are that peacefulness, you see, not the activity. You must identify yourself with that energy, the Source, the basis, the ground or the soil of the energy that works through the limbs, through all the bodies. It is only the bodies that perform activities. The Source, the energy does nothing.

Wherever there is consciousness
there must be this energy to manifest this samsara without losing its own peace. And you are That. If you know this, if you understand this, then you are always at peace and you will never complain. There is no difference between "this" and "that". There is no differentiation at all.

You have done nothing. It is not "your" activity. Something made everything active. But you identify yourself with the body and say, "I am active now". So that "I am" must look towards it's Source, from where this energy is coming. Looking towards the Source destroys the "I am the doer" notion. Then ego will no longer trouble you. This is what is called freedom.

Question: What is the Self?

Papaji: When you ask, "What is this?", I must show you an object and then you are satisfied. But when you ask, "What is the Self?", it is not an object of sight that could be presented to you. It is something which cannot be seen, cannot be smelt, cannot be touched, cannot be heard, cannot be tasted and cannot be imagined by the mind. Now you tell me what is left?

Earth can be seen, water can be seen, fire can be seen and you can feel the movement of air. That which is left is called akash, or Emptiness. Can you see Emptiness? In what do all these four elements appear? In Emptiness. You are there and I am here, and there is something in between us. Call it "space" or "Emptiness". Can you see it? That which surrounds you and through which you can see is called "Emptiness", is called "Self". This glass can be seen only because it is surrounded by something which cannot be seen. So, anything that can be seen must be within something which cannot be seen. That is God.

The question, "What is the Self?" arises from That. Now, before the question arose, what was there? Everything arises from something which is not known, which is empty. Anything that comes, comes from Emptiness. Turn towards this Emptiness and go on dissolving within It. Don't touch any of the four elements and tell me what is there?

Question: I see nothing.

Papaji: In this Nothingness, is there someone who says, "I see nothing"? You have to find out who is witnessing Nothingness. This is very important. Go deeper and see who is the Witness of Nothingness. There is water in the river and the water is asking the river, "Who are you?". Like this, you ask Nothingness, "Who are you?".

Question: The water is part of the river.

Papaji: Yes, therefore give up the name. Names belong to objects. Don't utter the name and you will see that the answer to your question will come to you. "Water" and "river" are only names. Self has no name and no form. When you don't use name and form, what do you see? Don't seek the name and form of the Self, and then tell me what it is?

Question: It feels very large and is beyond words.

Papaji: It is beyond all words, beyond all imagination and beyond all forms. It is very easy to fall into formlessness. To go to the Himalaya from here you have to travel 500 miles. The Himalaya has a name and form and to see the Himalaya you have to make some effort. But when I tell you to see something which has no name and form, why should this be difficult? You are not to think and not to make any effort in order to find the answer. Thinking is strenuous, so don't think. You have not to go anywhere, so no effort is required. No effort, no thinking, no name and no form. What could be easier than this?

The eyes can see many things, but an eye cannot see itself. Why not? I can see you but I cannot see my own eye. Why not? Because it is very close to me and so it need not be seen. That which is very close to you cannot be seen. That which is very near to you, you need not make any effort, nor travel a certain distance to reach it. And it doesn't take any time because it is already here. So you need not move anywhere nor see anything. So what is That? It is beyond imagination, so so don't even make any effort to think. You will find it when you don't think. The answer will come by itself. Peace is already here.

Everybody lives in the past and that is why they are in trouble. There is no time within the Self and that is why it is peaceful. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. Everything else is just your imagination, like a mirage. You go into a hot desert and you see a river flowing in the distance. You run towards it to because you are thirsty and need to cool down. When will you arrive to the river? The water in the mirage is just imagined, yet everybody is running towards this river to quench their thirst. And what is this river? "I want to enjoy this and I want to enjoy that." Name and form itself is a mirage. If you touch any name and any form, it is going to bite you because it is not Eternal. It is not Eternal. Wherever there is a name and a form, there is going to be trouble. Every night when you go to sleep, you reject all names and forms and you are in peace. Names and forms are a mirage and you cannot be happy with them. So when you do not touch name and form, you are peace itself. It is only your imagination that makes you think that there is something worthy to be attained. You imagine that you have to do do something, that you have to become wise and enlightened within this life span. Take this thought and place it in your heart. Then you will see that peace, that freedom within your heart. When you don't hold anything in your mind, you are free. Like when you sleep, you have nothing in the mind. When you sleep, everything returns to the heart and you are happy. Everything returns to the heart and then vanishes. All intentions disappear. When you look into your heart you will see that you are the Self and nothing else. Falling in love with the Self is very wonderful. Having known the Self, you have known everything.

The past is stronger than the present in the mind because you cannot see the present. Everybody speaks to you of the past. Do you find anyone among your friends and relations who is speaking of the present? Everyone speaks to you of the past; therefore it has become very strong. You will have to seek out the company of those who speak to you of the present moment, then this will also become much stronger and you will shun the company of the past. To get rid of the past, keep company with those who are trying to live in, or who have tasted this moment of present, who are speaking about this present life. Satsang means association with those who live in Truth. Here everyone is speaking everyday of this present moment, of peace and love and happiness.

You have to be very strong and tight fisted with your decision not to be lead away by those friends who trouble you. Shun their company, even if they are related to you. Nobody can trouble you if you decide to be free. You have to make a firm decision then nothing can trouble you. If you are weak, everybody will trouble you. But if you simply keep quiet I don't think any thought can come. Simply decide to sit quiet. Then nothing can touch you. Until now it is only that your decision has been weak.

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