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ramana maharshi | who am I? | guru | self-enquiry | spiritual instruction | wisdom | words | silence | daily talks | reality | padam - formless self | arunachala
abide in the self | upadesa tiruvahaval | annamalai swami | self alone is real | swami rama tirtha | real self | i am that | practical freedom | sun of self
h.w.l. poonja | freedom now | remembering | meeting ramana | who is aware of consciousness? | who are you? | words | no practice | final abode | lion's roar
eternal rest | peace is always everywhere | plunge into eternity | i am eternal self | summa iru | wisdom | here and now in lucknow | reject everything
ma anandamayi | words | old tcheng | sayings | siddharameshwar maharaj | beyond nothing | perfection of material science | master key | non-action | self
nisargadatta maharaj | words | a great maharashtrian jnani | self-knowledge and self-realisation | meet the sage | detachment | awareness | who am I?
life | "i am" | all is a dream | guru and disciple | ranjit maharaj | meeting siddharameshwar | everything is nothing | forget everything | death is not true
real and unreal | u.g. krishnamurti | natural state | words | remembering | no separation | nothing to understand | chief joseph | way of the warrior
advaita | vedanta | devikalottara | supreme wisdom | atma sakshatkar | direct awareness of the self | vichara mani mala | jewel garland of enquiry
avadhuta gita | ever-free | ashtavakra gita | purest expression of truth | ribhu gita | heart | wisdom | bhagavad gita | essence | the song celestial
adi shankaracharya | atma bodha | aparokshanubhuti | dakshinamurti strotram | dasasloki | nirvana shatkam | drik drisya viveka | vivekachudamani
seng tsan | faith mind | gaudapada | mandukya karika | katha upanishad | death as teacher | yoga vasistha | dispassion | seeker's behaviour | essence
ramakant maharaj | reality has nothing to do with words | lama guendune rinpoché | free and easy | ellam ondre | all is one | william samuel | now



Let there be peace and love among all beings of the universe. OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

realisation | truth in practice | love | renunciation | meditation | life | "i am"

WAMI  Rama Tirtha was born on 22 October 1873 in a very poor family in the remote village of Murariwala [Punjab] now in Pakistan. His mother died when he was a few days old and he was raised by his elder brother.

Braving stark poverty, even missing meals for days and living on very little money, Swami Rama Tirtha continued his studies, undeterred and unabated, until he received his master's degree in mathematics. He became a college professor of mathematics in Lahore. A chance meeting with Swami Vivekananda in 1897 in Lahore, inspired him to take up the life of a renunciate by rejecting all worldly attractions. Having became well known for his speeches on Krishna and Advaita Vedanta he became a swami in 1899, leaving his wife, his children and his professorial chair.

Intoxicated in the glory of Self-realisation, he travelled far and wide, without keeping a single cent with him and enchanted the people of Japan, the United States, Egypt and other nations, not so much by his learning but by feeling and throbbing as one with them. His oneness with All was his trait which prevailed all through. He was among the first notable teachers of Hinduism to lecture in the United States, travelling there in 1902. He spoke frequently on the concept of practical Vedanta.

Though upon his return to India in 1904 large audiences initially attended his lectures, he completely withdrew from public life in 1906 and moved to the foothills of the Himalaya where he prepared to write a book giving a systematic presentation of practical Vedanta. It was never finished. He died on 27 October 1906 at the age of 33. Many believe he did not die but gave up his body to the Ganges.

Swami Rama Tirtha writings were a great source of inspiration to Mahatma Gandhi, among many others, and Ramana Maharshi cited him during talks in Tiruvannamalai. H.W.L. Poonja, Swami Rama Tirtha's nephew, often spoke of him and read many of his poems during talks in Lucknow.


Realisation is not a thing to be achieved, you have not to do any thing to gain God vision, you have simply to undo what you have already done in the way of forming dark cocoons of desires around you.

Assert your Godhead, fling into utter oblivion the little self, as if it had never existed. When the little bubble bursts, it finds itself the whole ocean. You are the Whole, the Infinite, the All.

Realisation frees you from outside influences and makes you stand by yourself.

The only way to escape from all sins, to stand above all temptations, is to realise the true Self.

You will never be able to withstand animal passions, unless you do away with all this splendour and glory that bewitches you, that attracts you.

When you realise that you stand above all passions and at the same time are perfectly free and full of bliss, that is heaven.

Shine in your pristine glory. For you, O perfect One! there is no duty, no action, nothing to be done; all nature waits on you with bated breath.

If human or rather animal feelings are washed out, Divine feelings begin to overflow instead.

If you want to realise Vedanta, realise it even in the midst of all sorts of noise, even in the heat of all sorts of troubles. In this world you can never, never get yourself in a state where there will be no noise or no botheration from without.

In fact, the harder the circumstances, the more trying the environments, the stronger are the men who come out of those circumstances. So welcome all these outside troubles and anxieties. Live Vedanta even in these surroundings, and when you live Vedanta, you will see that the surroundings and circumstances will succumb to you. They will become subservient to you and you will become their master.

Stand on your feet whether you are great or small, whether you are highly placed or very low, care not a straw for that.

Realise your Divinity, your Godhead. Look at any thing in the face, shrink not. Look not at yourself with the eyes of others but within your own Self. Your own Self will always tell you that you are the greatest Self in all the world.

Divinity! respect your Self, and everybody will respect you.

When you rise to that height of Divine love; when you rise to such a degree that in your father, in your mother, in everybody, you see nothing but God; when you see, in the wife no wife, but the beloved One, God; then, indeed you do become God, then, indeed are you in the presence of God.

Rise above the body, burn up this personality of yours, singe it, consume it, burn it up, then and then only will you see your desires fulfilled. In other words, "Deny yourself."

All the attractiveness you see in this world is nothing else but the true Divinity, the same which appears to you in the body of a beloved one, puts on a different dress in trees, in mountains and hills. Realise this, for this is how you can rise above all worldly passions and desires. This is the way to make spiritual use of worldly desires and to make use of them for their own sake.

Realise your Divinity and everything is done.

Live on your own account, not for the opinions of others. Be free. Try to please the one Lord, the Self, the One without a second, the real husband, master, your own inner God. You will not in any case be able to satisfy the many, the public, the majority, and you are under no obligations to satisfy the hydra-headed mob.

Set on fire the meum and tuum [mine and yours]; cast to the four winds all fear and hope; eliminate differentiation; let the head be not distinguished from the foot.

Keeping the body in active struggle and the mind in rest and love, means salvation from sin and sorrow here in this life.

Active realisation of atonement [at-one-ment] with the All allows us a life of balanced recklessness.

Purity of heart means making yourself free of all clingings to the objects of the world. Renunciation, nothing short of it. Purity of heart means that.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Gain this purity and you see God.

You may gain realisation this moment. Get rid of attachment and at the same time shake off all hatred and jealousy.

What is jealousy, what is hatred? It is inverted attachment. When we hate somebody, it is because we are attached to something else.

Have all your attachments severed from every object, and concentrate yourself on one thing, the one fact, one Truth, your Divinity. Immediately on the spot you gain realisation.

Take up your duty or work with no notice or desire on your part. Do your work, enjoy your work, because your work by itself is pleasure, because work is the other name of realisation.

Take to your work because work you have to do. Work leads you to realisation. Do not take to work on any other ground.

Be not afraid; come out, rally all your strength and energies and boldly take possession of your birthright; I am He. Be not afraid, tremble not.

Why depress your brains through fears and why raise up your energies in supplications? Represent your inner nature; crush not the Truth, come out boldly; cry fearlessly at the top of your voice "I am God, I am God." That is your birthright.

All desire is love, and love is God, and that God you are. Realise your oneness with That and you stand above everything.

The moments of realisation are those when all thoughts of worldly relations, worldly connections, worldly ties, worldly property, worldly desires, worldly needs are all melted into God, into Truth.

Thus in order to get the whole Truth, you must get rid of worldly desires; you must rise above worldly attachments and hatred; you must bid farewell to all the ties and bonds enslaving and clinging; you must rise above all this. This is the price, and unless you pay the price you cannot realise the Truth.

You cannot enjoy the world, you cannot enter into sordid, petty, low, worldly, carnal, sensuous desires, and at the same time lay claim to Divine realisation.

Everybody desires to become Christ, everybody wants to realise the Truth, become a prophet, but very few, if any, are ready to pay the price.

Here is the jewellery shop, and for this jewel, this goal, this heaven, you will have to pay at the cost of your head and your lower nature. If you cannot pay the price, go away.

If you cannot enjoy that perfect consciousness, the sole reason is that you do not pay the price; so pay the price and that moment you realise that bliss.

Let the body become as if it never existed.

Let your stand point be entirely changed, look at every thing as God, as Divinity. Your relation to the world should become the relation of God to the world; an entire change.

Be yourself and realise that kings and presidents are simply your servants.

All the noble and desirable ends of life are reached only when the intellect and along with it the whole objective world melt into the unknowable Beyond.

It is through realisation of one's Infinity, conquering all sense of difference, feeling our oneness with all, realising the stars, landscapes, rivers, and all as my own, and through love owning all, that temptations lose their power over us.

Let God work through you, and there will be no more duty. Let God shine forth. Let God show himself. Live God. Eat God. Drink God. Breathe God. Realise the Truth, and the other things will take care of themselves.

The whole world is bound to co-work with one who feels himself one with the whole world.

You cannot enjoy the world and also realise Truth.

Realisation cannot be obtained at one jump. Time is necessary. It took millions of years to build this body up to its present stage of evolution.

According to Vedanta, nobody can realise God unless his whole being is converted into Universal love; unless he looks upon the whole universe as his body.

A child can never reach youth except he passes through boyhood. A person can never realise his unity with God, the All, except when unity with the whole nation throbs in every fibre of his frame.

If you find yourself led astray by the flesh and caught in the quagmire of carnality, this is the occasion to assert and exert strenuously your giant will to secure and retain God-consciousness.

What is the weakness within? It is the dark pitch of ignorance which makes you look upon the body, the senses as you. Get rid of it, discard it, and then Power Itself you become.

Be not astonished or afraid of the Truth and speak from the depth of your heart, "I am God."

Any karma kanda [activities for sense gratification], rooted in the little ego, even in the old Vedic days, was not calculated to bring final Emancipation [liberation].

The path to salvation, the way to realisation, is apparent death, that and nothing else, crucifixion and nothing else, there is no other way to inspiration.

Salvation results always from true knowledge [jnana]. Nor can the present-day karma kanda of a duty-ridden, hurrying civilised slave of selfishness save him from sin and sorrow.

They say salvation by acts is prescribed in the Old Testament, and salvation by faith in the New Testament. But heaven, the true state of bliss, is reached by knowledge.

The saying "Through Christ we realise God" means, that through this state, which is the state of feeling the Self as one with the whole world, by passing through, that stage, the Christ stage, you jump into the indestructible, ineffable Self.

According to Vedanta, the material world as well as the astral worlds are unreal. You must rise above both, because rest, true peace, happiness can be had only when the Reality – the hard cash – behind the scenes is realised.

The refining of creed or thinning of curtain comes chiefly through intellect and the lifting of the veil is effected through feeling.

Body-respect is the opposite pole of virtue and the shortest cut to perdition.

If man and woman are to cause each other's downfall, why did the same God, who wrote the Bible, write such a Bible in the hearts of man to seek woman?

An unmarried man cannot so easily realise as one who is, and leads family life in the right way.

If by marriage relation, you are approaching nearer the Universal love, the Universal light which permeates the world, then marriage ties are good for you; if by marriage relation, you are not approaching nearer the Universal love and light, oh, then they are poison to you, they are sinful, then marriage ties are a curse to you.

Instead of the wife being a wide gaping door to hell, she should be, as it were, the mirror through which the husband should see God.

In this life the husband should be the Christ of his wife, and the wife the Christ of her husband, but as it is going on, every wife is the Judas Iscariot of her husband, and every husband the Judas Iscariot of his wife.

In true realisation there is no meum and tuum [mine and yours], no trace of subject and object.

Realisation means setting to the new tune all your old songs. The old songs will remain the same, but you must set all of them to an entirely new tune.

Your realisation of God-consciousness, realisation of Divinity, is not a thing to be accomplished, is not a thing to be achieved and is not a thing to be done; it is done already.

When one realises his own Self to be the All, he cannot desire, but simply enjoys everything as His.

He who is one with Reality has all his desires fulfilled. Nobody will ever deceive him. No pain or trouble will ever come to him.

A man of liberation, a free man, is one who lives in Divinity, in Godhead, in such a way that his body was never born.

The frowns and favours, criticisms and suggestions of the doctors, philosophers and professors fall flat upon a man of God-realisation and have no meaning to him.

Happy is he who is drowned in heavenly intoxication.

A great soul is he whose broad sympathies and the mother-like heart embraces in a wide sweep, even the sinners and the low.

Blessed is he who is dead drunk in Divine madness.

None compasseth Its joy who is not wholly ceased from sin, who dwells not self-controlled, self-centred calm Lord of himself! It is not gotten otherwise.

Vedantic realisation is hard to achieve, because the vast majority of people in Europe and America think that they have to change themselves into God, and that they have to create the Godhead in them.


What is Truth? Tat Tvam Asi [You are Reality], or Love itself.

Any philosophy which does not explain all the facts in nature is no philosophy.

Truth need not compromise. Let the whole world turn round the sun, the sun need not revolve round the world.

Truth is nobody's property; Truth is not the property of Jesus; we ought not to preach It in the name of Jesus. It is not the property of Krishna, or anybody. It is everybody's property.

Confound not Truth which is defined as "the same yesterday, today and forever" with a particular occurrence.

To realise the Truth is to become the master of the universe.

In order that you may reach the Truth, that you may realise Divinity, your dearest wants and desires will be pricked through and through, your wants and dearest attachments will have to be severed, all your favourite superstitions will have to be wiped out, to be torn aside – torn off from your body.

If for the sake of Truth you have to give up the body, give it up. This is the last attachment that must be broken.

Let the Truth become your father, your mother, your wife, your grandfather. Let the Truth be your teacher, your everything, your house, your property.

The right spirit of Truth is to assert the supremacy of the individual against all the world, all the universe.

After death, your going to hell or entering heaven is not the whole Truth.

How seldom it is that we meet a whole man? A whole man is an inspired man, a whole man is the Truth. Make yourself whole, get rid of desires and attachments, get rid of this repulsion and attraction.

There is in fact only the one Self which we are, nothing besides It; and since there is nothing besides the Self, you cannot consistently say that you are apart. But it must follow that you are the entire Self. There is no division in Truth. You are the Truth now.

People and things are dear to us as long as they serve our interests, our purposes. The very moment that our interests are at stake, we sacrifice everything.

Not for the sake of the child is the child dear, the child is dear for the sake of the self. Not for the sake of the wife is wife dear, not for the sake of the husband is husband dear; the wife is dear for the sake of the self; the husband is dear for the sake of the self. This is the Truth.

Why should not people have any practical faith in death, although they have intellectual knowledge of it? Vedanta explains it this way: "In man there is the real Self, which is Immortal, there is the real Self, which is everlasting, unchanging, the same yesterday, today and forever; in man there is something which knows no death, which knows no change."

It is falsehood and atheism to say, "I am a man or woman" or to call yourself a poor crawling creature.

That which cannot be perceived by the mind, the eyes and the other sense organs, but make the mind, the eyes, etc., speed to their work, is Reality.

Why fret and worry, you restless infidel? None, none but your own sweet Self has an exclusive rule over the universe.

What are you? Infinite and immaculate, Immortal Self of all, is your Self.

Have you a doubt as to your own Divine Self? You had better a bullet in your heart than a doubt there.

God is the Reality. The world, or phenomena, is illusion.

The body is simply the shadow, and the real Self, the real Atma, is the Reality.

The real man, the true man, is the Divinity, God, nothing else but God.

The real Self. the true God, is beyond the reach of words and mind.

Reality cannot be the object of perception or thought. Mind and speech turn back from it in dismay.

There is something in you which is awake even in that deep sleep-condition. That is your real Self, that is absolute Will, or absolute Consciousness.

People ask, are you a part of God? No, no; God cannot be divided, God cannot be rent asunder. You are no part of God; if God is infinite, then you must be the whole God, not a part of God.

We believe in a thing we do not know, and which is simply forced on us. To believe in God, what does that mean? What do you know of Him? I know God, I am He, I am He.

Where one sees nothing else, hears nothing else, understands nothing else, there is Infinity, because so long as something else is beside you, you are limited and finite.

The Infinite is bliss. There is no bliss in anything finite. So long as you are finite, there is no bliss, no happiness for you. The Infinite is bliss, the Infinite only is bliss.

Whoever comes to you, receive him as God, and at the same time do not look down upon yourself. If you are in jail today, you may be glorified tomorrow.

Within you is the real happiness, within you is the mighty ocean of Nectar Divine. Seek It within you, feel It, feel It, It is here, the Self. It is not the body, the mind, the intellect, the brain; it is not the desires or the desiring; it is not the objects of desire; above all these you are. All these are simply manifestations. You appear as the smiling flower, as the twinkling stars. What is there in the world which can make you desire anything?

The moment you turn towards these outside matters and want to grasp them and keep them, they will elude your grasp, will outrun you. The very moment you turn your back upon them and face the Light of lights, your inner Self, that very moment favourable circumstances will seek you. This is the Law.

Whenever a man attaches himself to any worldly object, whenever a person begins to love an object for his or her own sake, whenever a man tries to seek happiness in that object, he will be deceived, he will find himself simply the dupe of the senses. You cannot find happiness by attaching yourselves to worldly objects. That is the Law.

Trust not in the mighty dollar, trust in God. Trust not in this or that object, trust in God. Trust in your Self.

Be not vain, be not proud. Never feel that anything belongs to your little self; it is God's, your real Self's.

Rise above the body. Feel and realise that you are the Infinite, the Supreme Self, and how can you be affected by passion or greed?

Live in your Godhead and you are free, your own master, Ruler of the universe.

The whole universe serves one as his body, when he feels the Universal Soul as his very Self.

Hunger and thirst are of the body and are felt by the mind, but the true Self is not pained or disturbed. He who realises his own Divinity which is God, is not pained or disturbed by the fatigue, hunger or thirst of the body.

Cultivate peace of mind, fill your mind with pure thoughts, and nobody can set himself against you. That is the Law.

The Law is that a man should be at rest, at peace, undisturbed, and the body should always be in motion; the mind to be subjected to the laws of statics, and the body subjected to the laws of dynamics; the body at work and the internal Self always at rest. That is the Law. Be free.

Let us fling aside the vulnerable little "I" which alone makes "sin" in ourselves and others.

Sinlessness belongs to the real Self, but by mistake it is attributed in practice to the body.

Words like the following sound is like a hissing serpent to the people: Ye are Divinity itself, the Holy of Holies, the world is no world;You are the All in All, the Supreme Power, the Power which no words can describe, no body or mind, ye are the pure "I am"; That you are.

When shall I be free? When "I" shall cease to be.

What is God? God is a mystery.

Who is It that faces you, who is It that looks you straight in the face when you look at a person? It is God within.

The infinite potentiality, the Infinite Power latent in the finite form or figure, and the real meaning of the word "seed", is the infinite within and not its outside or outward form, not that.

The millionth descendant of the original seed has got the same infinite capability and potentiality which the original seed had.

The Infinity within, the Infinite capability or Power is unchangeable, Immutable. How can the Infinity die? That never dies.

Through ignorance you call yourself the body; the body you are not. You are the infinite Power; the Divinity; the constant, immutable, unchangeable One. That you are; know that and you find yourself inhabiting the whole world, inhabiting the whole universe.

It is the One Infinite that is being reflected through all these bodies. Ignorant people come like dogs in this world. Please turn the tables. Come into this world like the master of the house, of the looking-glass and mirror-house. Come into the world not as d-o-g but as g-o-d, and you will be the master of the mirror-house, you will be the owner of the whole universe.

Man's true nature is God. If God were not man's own Self, never could there be the advent of any prophet or saint in this world.

The whole world is a heaven, and God will never be deceived.

It is a sin not to say; "I am God."

According to Vedanta, the self-evident Truth is that you are already God, nothing else but God; your Godhead is not to be effected, it is simply to be known and realised or felt.

Vedanta wants you to recognise the Truth that all pleasure lies in giving, and not in asking or begging.

According to Vedanta, the possession of any individual property is a most sacrilegious deed against one's Atman or inner Self.

What is practical Vedanta?
Pushing, marching Labour and no stagnant Indolence;
Enjoyment of work as against tedious drudgery;
Peace of mind and no canker of suspicion;
Organisation and no disaggregation;
Appropriate reform and no conservative custom;
Solid real feeling as against flowery talk;
The poetry of facts as against speculative fiction;
The logic of events as against the authority of departed authors;
Living Realisation and no mere dead quotations;
Constitute practical Vedanta.

Vedanta, printed in books and placed on shelves to be eaten up by worms, won't do. You must live it.

If Vedanta does not remove your chill; if it does not make you happy; if it does not cast off your burdens, then kick it aside.

According to Vedanta, all pity is weakness.

Vedanta appeals to the masses simply because it is the teachings of their Bible, and it appeals to the educated Hindu because there is not philosophy worth the name under the sun which does not support the Vedantic Monism, and no science which does not uphold and advance the cause of Vedanta or Truth.

The very best method of spreading the Vedantic philosophy is to live it, there is no other royal road.

It is only when you cast yourself in a strange, indescribable sentiment, which is higher than both of us, that you find Me. This is what Vedanta tells you.

If you want to realise an object, if you want to get anything, do not hunt after the shadow. Touch your own head. Go within you. Realise this and you will see that the stars are your handiwork; you will see that all objects of love, all the bewitching and fascinating things are simply your own reflection or shadow.

Heaven is within you; the paradise, the home of bliss within you, and yet you are searching for pleasures in the objects in the streets, searching for that thing outside, outside, in the objects of the senses. How strange!

You cannot be a slave of the flesh and at the same time be the master of the universe.

Let all the great lecturers of the age come; let Christ or God himself come and lecture – but lectures from others will be of no avail, unless you are prepared to lecture yourself.

Vedanta wants you to rise above the little self, the small ego, through intense work.

Vedanta requires you to work for its own sake.

Work in Vedanta always means harmony with the real Self and atonement with the universe.

What is work? Intense work, according to Vedanta, is rest. All true work is rest.

Let the inner Self be at rest and the body be continually at work. The body, subject to the laws of dynamics, being in action, and the inner Self always at statical rest.

Let your work be impersonal; let your work be free from the taint of selfish egotism; let your work be just like the work of the stars and the sun; let your work be like that of the moon. Then alone can your work be successful.

Let the body and mind be continuously at work to such a degree that the labour may not be felt at all.

Sacrifice your little self, forget it in the performance of your work, and success must be yours. It cannot be otherwise. The desire for success must die in your work before achieving success.

Work in the spirit of an unaffected witness, free from all entanglement. Remain immune.

Wherever you may be, work in the position of a giver and never in the position of a beggar, so that your work may be Universal work, and not personal in the least.

Incessant work, incessant labour is the greatest Yoga for a man of the world. You are the greatest worker to the world when to yourself you are no worker.

In order that you may have success, in order that you may prosper, you must through your acts, by your own everyday life, burn your own body and muscles, cremate them in the fire of use. You must use them; you must consume your body and mind, put them in a burning state; crucify your body and mind; work, work; and then will light shine through you.

Vedanta wants you to be at rest in your inner Self.

O happy worker! success must seek you when you cease to seek success.

It is our selfish restlessness that spoils all our work.

If you deserve, you need not desire; the objects of desire will be brought to you, will come to you. If you make yourself worthy, help must come to you.

The very moment that you rise above the desire, the object of desire seeks you, and the very moment that you assume the craving, seeking, asking, begging attitude, you will be repulsed; you will not have, you cannot have the object of desire. Rise above the thing, stand above it, and it will seek you. That is the Law.

Realise the heaven within you, and all at once all the desires are fulfilled, all the misery and suffering is put an end to.

Acts speak louder than words.

Let your work be for work's sake.

Renounce your desires, rise above them and you find double peace, immediate rest and eventual fruition of desires. Remember that your desires will be realised only when you rise above them into the Supreme Reality. When you consciously or unconsciously lose yourself in the Divinity, then and then only will the time be ripe for the fulfilment of desires.

In order that your work should be successful, you should not mind the end, you should not care for the consequences or the result. Let the means and the end be brought together, let the very work be your end.

No, the consequence and the result are nothing to me, failure and success are nothing to me; I must work because I love work: I must work for its own sake. To work is my aim, to keep in activity is my life, My Self, my real Atma, is energy itself. I must work.

Worry not about the consequences, expect nothing from the people, bother not about favourable reviews of your work or severe criticism thereon.

Be always a giver, a free worker; never throw your heart in a begging and expecting attitude. Get rid of the monopolising habit.

It is only when you let go the desire that it fructifies. So long as you keep your desire stretched, or go on desiring, willing, wishing, and yearning, it will not reach the bosom of the other party; it is only when you let it go that it penetrates the soul of the party concerned.

Thought is another name for fate.

The world and your surroundings are exactly what you think them to be.

Just as you think, you become. Call yourself a sinner and you must become a sinner; call yourself a fool and you must become a fool; call yourself weak and there is no power in this world that can make you strong. Feel that omnipotence and omnipotent you are.

Change the feeling in an individual and his whole method of thinking will be revolutionised.

As an eagle cannot outsoar the atmosphere in which he floats, so thought cannot transcend the sphere of limitation.

Thought and language are the same. You cannot think without language. The infant child knows no language and has no thought.

Whoever dwells among thoughts, dwells in the region of delusion and disease; and though he may appear wise and learned, yet his wisdom and learning are as hollow as a piece of timber eaten out by white ants.

True education begins only when a man turns from all external aids to the Infinity within and becomes, as it were, a natural source of original knowledge or a spring of grand new ideas.

The capability of quoting big long texts to show off our learning, nonsensical hair-splitting to torture the sense of passages and ancient scriptures, the study of subjects which we never have to use in life, is not education.

The entire object of true education is to make people not merely do the right things but enjoy the right things, not merely industrious but to love industry.

If education does not bring me freedom and independence, fie upon it, away with it I do not want it. If education keeps me bound, I have no use for it.

To carry out skilfully an idea into practice is one thing, but to grasp its fundamental meaning is quite another thing.

The great difference in man and animal lies in this, that whereas the puppy or polly has by the laws of heredity got almost all it requires for its perfection, the child will or can by education and adaptation so develop and evolve his inherited powers as to bring the whole world under his sway.

Man is supposed to be higher than animals, inasmuch as his feelings are controlled by reason.

The child has no motives, yet it is one of the most active beings on the earth.

What is life? A series of interruptions. Yes, it is so to the people who live on the surface of life, but not to one who lives as life [love].

What brought the senses into existence? The elements. How do you know of these elements? Through the senses. Is not that reasoning in a circle? This establishes the illusory nature of the world in the wakeful state.

As long as the questioner and the object questioned about remain, the prison-walls of maya are there, and there can be no rising above the appearances.

All the philosophy of Europe and America is based on the experience of the wakeful state and takes little or no notice of the experience of the dreaming or deep sleep states. The Hindu says: "You start with imperfect data. How can your solution of the problem of the universe be correct?"

All the objects in the world are simply like the lakes created by a hypnotised man on dry floor, and being of such nature, the knowledge of those objects also on which the doctors and professors pride and take airs of superiority, is nothing more than hypnotism.
It is more advisable to attend to the matters which come next to your heart, which concern your business and bosom first, and the next world, that world of dreams, will take care of itself.

Spiritual development does not germinate in the seed sown in the soil of earthly pleasures.

Believe always in the spiritual powers, in the infinite capacity of those with whom you come in contact. Give up judging, never form any particular opinion, never condemn.

The king's very presence on his royal throne establishes order throughout the durbar, so doth man's resting on his Godhead, native glory, establish order and life through the whole race.

A pair of tongs can catch almost anything else, but how can it turn back and grasp the very fingers which hold it? In the same way, the mind or intellect can in no way be expected to know the great Unknowable, which is its very source.

The jnana or knowledge portion of the Vedas is the real Veda, that alone has been referred to as an inspired revelation by the writers on the six orthodox systems of Hindu philosophy, as well as the Jain and Buddhist writers.

We fall from Eden the moment our bodily weakness makes itself felt. Hurried are we from heaven the instant we taste of the tree of distinction and difference. But we can regain the Paradise Lost by suffering the flesh to be crucified.

Imbibe, therefore, the spirit of sacrifice and reflect unto others all that you receive. Have no recourse to selfish absorption and you must be white.

If you explain the laws of karma by saying, "It is all God's will, it is all His work", that is no answer. It is simply evading philosophical questions and declaring your ignorance.

Regard all those deeds and acts which if performed by you would be harmful or sinful as worst sins; despise and loathe such acts of the world but hate not and despise not the doers of those acts or deeds. You have no right to misjudge them.

There is no rose without a thorn. Unmixed good is not to be found in this world. The all good is the only, the Self Supreme.

"It is difficult to find happiness in oneself", says Schopenhauer, "but it is impossible to find it anywhere else."

Iron and gold are good for buying iron and gold, that is all. Happiness is not of the same kind as these material objects, and it cannot be purchased.

Those who believe their happiness depends upon particular conditions, will find the day of enjoyment ever recede from them and run away constantly like will-o-the-wisp.

Like comes to the like. Have joy of God in you right here and the joy of success must gravitate towards you.

Very happy is he and blessed is he whose life is a continuous sacrifice.

Happy is he who turns the whole world into a heavenly garden, by seeing the same impersonal Breath of life in the throngs of men and women as inspires in the rose gardens and oak groves.

If you want to keep up your vitality, to preserve your health, the weight of life to be borne easily by the horse of nervous system, you ought to make the burden of egoistic thought lighter.

Be true to your Self and never mind anything else in the world.

The great cause of suffering in the world is that "we do not look within, we do not form our own opinions, we take matters too much on trust, we rely on outside forces to do our thinking."

The painful criticism from friends or foes is a nightmare to wake you up to your true Self, God.

Heaven is within you. Seek happiness not in the objects of sense; realise that happiness is within your Self,

All heaven is within you, the source of all pleasure is within you. This being the case, how unreasonable it is to seek happiness elsewhere.

Man is the master of his own destiny.

All the world being but your own creation, your own idea, why think yourself a low, miserable sinner? Why not think yourself into a fearless Self-reliant incarnation of Divinity?

Success comes to you as a result of your unison with the All. Success is always the result of goodness in you, the result of your absorption and immersion in the Divinity. That is always the case.

The man of freedom is he whose inner illumination casts a halo of beauty on all around him and from him radiates nothings but Divine love.

All nature pays homage to the man who is free, the whole universe bows down before him. I am That! You are free. Whether this is appreciated today or not, It remains a stern Reality, and must be realised sooner or later by all.

You have no responsibility to anybody but to your Self. You are a heinous criminal to your Self if you violate this most sacred Law of Cheerfulness and Peace.

In the mantram OM [A-U-M] the first letter A stands for this stern Reality, your Self, as underlying and manifesting the illusory material world of the wakeful state. U represents the psychic world. And the last letter M denotes the Absolute as underlying the chaotic state and manifesting itself as all the Unknown.

Woe unto science if it goes against the Truth connected with the efficacy of the sacred syllable OM.

Happy is he who lives, moves and has his being in OM. In order to come by these treasures within, or in order that the kingdom of heaven may be unlocked, this is the key to be used.

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Love means practically realising your Oneness and Identity with your neighbours, with all those who come in contact with you.

Love is an art as well as a science. Scientific discoveries are only sparks and scintillations from the grand Sun, Fire of Love, or the Oneness-feeling.

The only lawful Law is love. To live in love is to live true to your Self.

True love, like the sun, expands
the Self. Attachment like the frost congests and contracts the Soul.

Confound not love with attachment.

Love is no crying, begging, negative condition. It is an
indescribable sense of equality, beaming sweetness and Divine recklessness. It is the seeing of All in all we see. It is seeing your own Self in where your eyes fall. It is to realise that All is beauty, and I am That. Tat Tvam Asi, or That Thou Art.

Love divested of all carnality is
spiritual illumination.

Love, or the feeling of Oneness, when
brought into play between two persons, dispels the illusion of division.

What wins in the struggle for
existence? Love.

Love means perception of beauty.

Love is the only Divine Law. Other laws are organised robbery. Love alone has the right to break those laws.

Love is misunderstood to such a degree, that the very mention of the word "love" suggests to the dear people, the idea of cupidity and stupidity, instead of the Divine flame.

Love inspires; head expounds. Feeling always precedes thinking, as the body precedes clothes.

All desire is love, and love is God, and that God you are.

There is no great and no small; no low and no high where love is.

When you are centred in love, all miracles become possible.

A man who has never loved can never realise God; that is a fact.

Fear is only congested love. How else could love conquer fear?

Feigned love, false feelings and assumed sentimentalism is an insult to God.

Deprived of case, afflicted by disease you are when you stagnate in the slough of separation and division. You are perfect and whole when you realise your Self to be the Whole and the All.

What is disease? Contradiction due to lack of love; shuddering at the flutter of shadows; crying at the day dreams of danger.

When anything is apparently going wrong, to quarrel with the surrounding, instead of setting us right with the Law of Love, is like breaking the telephone receiver for hearing the bad news from the friends at the invisible end.

It is true that there is nothing so poisonous as the company of gossips, believers in appearances, shameless slaves of shameful "respectability", but where the Lord Love encamps, no impertinent tramps can loaf around.

O man! you yourself make all objects attractive by your looks. Looking at it with those eyes, you yourself shed your lustre upon the subject, and then you fall in love with it.

Time is bound to keep pace with love instincts.

First win the heart; then appeal to reason. Love might hope where reason would despair.

How blessed is he whose property is stolen away! Thrice blessed is he whose wife runs away, provided by such means he is brought in direct touch with the All love. Take my life and let it be consecrated to Thee.

I am the origin and end
Of all the changeful universe.
There is, O mankind, naught beyond;
For all is strung on One alone.
As are the beads upon the thread.


Work minus desire is a synonym for the highest renunciation or worship.

Slowly and resolutely as a fly cleans its legs of the honey in which it had been caught, so remove we must every particle of attachment to forms and personalities.

One after another the connections must be cut, the ties must snap, till the final concession in the form of death crowns all unwilling renunciation.

Mercilessly rolls on the wheel of Law. He who lives the Law, rides the Law. He who sets up his will against God's will [the Law] must be crushed and suffer Promethean tortures.

This renunciation is described by the Hindus as jnana, which means knowledge, that is renunciation and knowledge are one and the same thing.

The knowledge which is synonymous with renunciation is the knowledge of the Truth, the knowledge of the real Self, the knowledge of what you are. This knowledge is renunciation. Get that knowledge and you are a man of renunciation.

Renunciation has nothing to do with your place, position, or your bodily work; it has nothing to do with that.

Renunciation simply places you at your best, places you on your vantage ground.

Renunciation simply enhances your powers, multiplies your energies, strengthens your force, and makes a God of you. It takes away all your anxiety and fear. You become fearless and happy.

Work is done only when we get rid of the little selfish ego. The moment you assert the selfish ego, your work is spoiled. The best work is the work that is done impersonally. Renunciation means getting rid of this little personal, selfish ego, getting rid of this false idea of self.

Renunciation does not mean asceticism.

Renunciation means making everything holy.

Renouncing the child does not mean giving up all connection with the child, but thinking the child, the grandson, to be God.

Realising the Divinity in each and all, this is renunciation according to Vedanta.

Renouncing the selfish, personal ties, see the Godliness in each and All; see the Divinity in each and all.

Practical renunciation means throwing off and casting overboard all anxiety, fear, worry, hurry, trouble of mind by continually keeping before your mental vision the Allness of your real Self.

You have no duties to discharge, are responsible to nobody, you have no debt to pay, you are bound to none, assert your individuality against all society and all nations and everything. That is the Vedantic renunciation.

You are everything. The ghosts and spirits, the gods and angels, the sinners and saints, all ye are. Know that, feel that, realise that you are free. This is the path of renunciation.

Renunciation is giving up egoistic life. Verily, verily, everlasting life lies in losing the congested life of personality.

Renunciation alone leads to Immortality.

Vedantic renunciation is standing firmly upon your vantage ground, while giving yourself up entirely to any work that presents itself. You will not be tired, you will be equal to any duty.

Renunciation ought to begin with things nearest and dearest. It is the false ego which I must give up – the idea that "I am doing this, I am the agent, I am the enjoyer" – the idea which engenders in me this false personality.

Retiring to the forests is simply a means to an end, it is like going to university.

There is no necessity of your retiring into the forests and pursuing abnormal practice to realise Vedantic Yoga. You are the father of Shiva himself, when you are lost in activity or merged in work.

Renunciation does not require you to go into the deepest forests of the Himalaya; renunciation does not demand of you to strip yourself of all clothing; renunciation does not require you to walk barefoot and bareheaded.

Renunciation should not be identified with passive helplessness and resigning weakness; nor should it be confounded with haughty asceticism. It is no renunciation to let the sacred temple of God, your body, be devoured up by cruel carnivorous wolves without resistance.

To keep thyself as something different and separate from Truth and then begin to renounce in the name of religion, implies appropriating what is not yours, it is embezzlement.

The civilised man without renunciation through love is only a more experienced and wiser savage.

There is no real enjoyment except in renunciation; there is no inspiration, there is no prayer except in renunciation.

Godhead and renunciation are synonymous. Culture and character are its outward manifestations.

Beauty is renunciation; giving up of egoistic life.

Off you go, theological debates and philosophical discussions: I know It. Beauty is love and love is beauty. And both are renunciation.

Parity of heart means making yourself free of all clingings to objects of the world. Renunciation, nothing short of it.


Just sing, just chant OM, and while chanting it, put your whole heart into it, put all your energies into it, put your whole soul into it, put all your strength in realising it.

The meaning of this syllable OM is "I am He", "I and He are One", OM. "The Same am I." OM, OM.

While chanting, be conjuring up, if possible, before your mind all your weaknesses and all your temptations. Trample them under your feet, crush them out, rise above them and come out victorious.

Give up all claim upon the body, give up all selfishness, all selfish connections, all thoughts of mine and thine; rise above it.

Yearning for the Truth, craving after a taste of the Supreme Reality of Self, putting yourself in that state of mind, is applying the flute to the Divine lips.

In this state of mind, in this peace of heart, with such a pure soul begin to chant the mantram OM; begin to sing the sacred syllable OM.

This is putting the breath of music into the flute. Make your whole life a flute. Make your whole body a flute. Empty it of selfishness and fill it with Divine breath.

Chant OM; and while doing it, begin that search within the lake of your mind. Search out the poisonous snake with its many tongues. These heads, tongues, and fangs of the poisonous snake are the innumerable wants, the worldly tendencies, and the selfish propensities. Crush them one by one, trample them under your feet, single them out, overcome them and destroy them while singing the syllable OM.

Feel yourself above the body and its environments, above the mind and its motives, above thought of success or fear.

Feel yourself to be the all-pervading Power Supreme, the Sun of suns, above causation, above phenomena, and one with all the mighty worlds, the all bliss, the free Self.

Chant OM and sing OM to any tune or tunes that naturally or spontaneously occur to you.

For one moment cast overboard all desires; chant OM; no attachment, no repulsion, perfect poise, and there your whole being is light personified. Banish all worldly motives of work. Cast off, exorcise the demons of desires. Make all your work sacred. Rid yourself of the disease of attachment or clinging. Attachment to one object detaches you from the All.

Purify the heart, sing the syllable OM, pick out all points of weakness and eradicate them. Come out victorious, having formed a beautiful character.

When the dragon of passion is destroyed, you will find the objects
of desire worshipping you just as the wives of the dragon under the river paid homage unto Krishna after he had killed the snake.

Rise above the body. Feel and
realise that you are the Infinite, the Supreme Self; and how can you be affected by passion or greed?

Society, custom, convention, laws,
rules, regulations, criticisms, and reviews can never touch your real Self . Feel that, throw it off, renounce it, that you are not. Give this meaning to OM and chant OM on all occasions of fatigue.

Feel that you are all happiness,
happiness, happiness.

Every day and night meditate
upon the Truth that all the opinions and society of the world is simply your own idea and that you are the real Power whose breath or mere shadow the whole world is.

With every morsel of food that
goes into your mouth, you have to, contemplate on the idea that this morsel is a representation of the outside earth and here am I incorporating into me the whole universe.

Before falling asleep—when the
eyes begin to close— every night or at noon, make a firm resolve in your mind to find yourself an embodiment of Vedantic Truth on waking up.

If that body which you call "mine"
is sick, leave it aside, do not think of it, feel that you are health itself, perfect health is yours. Feel that. The body will become healthy of its own accord immediately.

Early in the morning when you
chant OM, make firm and strong resolutions to live it, to practise it. In every act you undertake, before beginning to do it, be on your guard.

Inhale the air fully through the
mouth and exhale it through the nostrils; this process should be practised rigorously, and you will see how wonderfully it will cheer you up.

Rama suggests to you the most
natural breath control [pranayama]. Breathe, breathe, breathe. In deep breathing the air will fill the lower part of the stomach and will also pass through the entire canal within. This way you will be at once released of depression, and your energies will be put to the best advantage.


Depend not on associations or congregations, it is the business of each and everyone to be strong within himself.

Never do a thing with the object of pleasing others. He is brave who can say "No". Your strength of character and bravery are manifested by your capacity of saying "No".

Desire is a disease; it keeps you in a state of suspense.

Two important points to be brought to your special attention:
1. Denial of little self.
2. Positive assertion of real Self.

The secret of perfect health and vigorous activity lies in keeping your mind always buoyant and cheerful, never worried, never hurried, never borne down by any fear, thought or anxiety.

Is it not laziness to keep floundering in the quagmire of conventionality and letting oneself flow down the current of custom and fashion, sinking like a dead weight in the well of appearances and being caught in the pond of possession and spending the time, which should be God's, in making gold and calling it "doing good"?

When viewed from the standpoint of God-Self, the whole world becomes an effusion of beauty, an expression of joy, outpouring of bliss.

Let anybody in his heart believe in anything whatsoever as Real, i.e., fit object of trust, and inevitably he must be forsaken or betrayed by that object. This is a Law more stern than the Law of Gravitation.

Blessed are those who do not read newspapers, for they shall see Nature and through Nature, God.

Woe unto you when all men shall speak well of you, for so did their fathers to the false prophets.

Life is but the fluttering of the eagle's wings, encaged in this body.

When you feel in a state of depression, give up your laziness, throw aside your book, be on your feet, walk out in the open air and walk rapidly.

The friendships where hearts do not unite prove worse than detonating mixtures, resulting in loud disruption.

If you know anything unworthy of a friend, forget it; if you know anything pleasant about the person, tell it.

God is no respecter of persons, nor is fortune geographical.

The taking in of knowledge which we cannot give out in practice, is spiritual constipation, or mental dyspepsia.

True education means learning to look at things through the eyes of God.

Criticism is the pruning process of Providence, helping us to grow more beautiful.

Remember it always that when sending out thoughts of jealousy and envy, of criticism, of fault finding, or thoughts smacking of jealousy and hatred, you are courting the very same thoughts yourself. Whenever you are discovering the mote in your brother's eye, you are putting the beam in your own eye.

When visited by the scissors of criticism, just retrospect what is passing within you.

The best criticism is to make people feel from within what you wish to make them realise from without.

Observing in a friend tiny flaws in a particular line, oh! what a strong tendency have we to sweep off all regard for his good traits!

The energy we waste in judging others is just what is needed to make us live up to our own ideals.

If your reasoning does not slavishly glorify the freaks and fancies and sayings of the dead, damned are you, everybody will turn right against you.

The moment we stand up as reformers of the world, we become deformers of the world.

The habit of looking at ourselves through the eyes of others is called vanity, self-aggrandisement.

People have lost their real Self under the weight of rules and orders, and fancy themselves to be merest names and forms.

Wander not outside your Self. Keep your own centre.

Do not place your centre outside your Self; this will make you fall. Place all your confidence in your Self, remain in your centre, nothing will shake you.

Truth crushed to earth shall rise again. The eternal years of God are hers.

Christ spoke to but eleven, but those words were stored up by the atmosphere, were gathered up by the skies, and are today being read by millions of people.

Evil thoughts, worldly desires, are things concerning the false body and the false mind, and are things of darkness.

Worldly wisdom is only an excuse of ignorance.

The child is father to the father.

There is no master more masterly than your own experience.

A poet is inspired when he is above the idea of little self or ego, when he has no thought of "I am writing poetry."

Live in God, all is right; make others live in God, and all shall be well. Believe this Truth, you will be saved; rebel against it, you will be troubled.

Life and death are like inhaling and exhaling.

Everything you meet in this world should be a stepping stone instead of a stumbling block. Convert your stumbling block into a stepping stone.

He who suffers willing crucifixion, to him the world is a garden of Eden. To all else, it is a Paradise Lost.

Man is talked of just as they speak of corn and wheat; prices falling and rising. Rise above it. Nothing can set a price on you.

"Heart" is the entrance to the Jubilee Hall of Inspiration; "head" is the exit.

Shake! Shake off delusion,
Wake! Wake up! Be free.
Liberty! Liberty!! Liberty!!!

Not of others
But of themselves.
Who have won
Not university distinctions,
But victory over the local self.
Age: the youth of Divine joy.
Salary: Godhead.
Apply sharp
With no begging solicitations
But commanding decision
To the Director of the universe,
Your Own Self.
OM! OM!! OM!!!

When a thinker, philosopher, poet, scientist, or worker attunes himself to a state of abstraction and rises to the heights of resignation to such a degree that no trace of personality is left in him, and Vedanta is practically realised, then and then only does God, the master musician, take up in His own hands, the organ or instrument of His body and mind, and send forth grand vibrations, sweet notes, exquisite symphonies out of Him.

Peace Immortal falls as raindrops,
Nectar is pouring in musical rain;
Drizzle! Drizzle!! Drizzle!!!
My clouds of glory, they march so gaily!
The worlds as diamonds drop from them.
Drizzle! Drizzle!! Drizzle!!!
My balmy breath, the breeze of Law,
Blows beautiful! Beautiful!
Drizzle! Drizzle!! Drizzle!!!
Some objects swing and sway like twigs
And others like the dewdrops fall;
Drizzle! Drizzle!! Drizzle!!!
My graceful Light, a sea of white,
An ocean of milk, it undulates.
It ripples, softly, softly, softly;
And then it beats out worlds of spray.
I shower forth the stars as spray.
Drizzle! Drizzle!! Drizzle!!!

Are you afraid? Afraid of what?
Of God? Nonsense!
Of man? Cowardice!
Of the elements? Dare them!
Of yourself? Know thyself!
Say, "I am God!"

" I  AM "

Before God was, I am.

Before ever land was,
Before ever the sea,
Or the soft hair of the grass,
Or the fair limbs of the tree,
Or the freshly-coloured fruit of my branches,
I was, and thy Soul was in Me.

To whom shall I give thanks,
To whom shall I turn and look up
When bliss absolute,
When light immeasurable
Is manifest even in Me.
There is but one Reality and that
Reality is Me, my Self. OM! OM!! OM!!!

I am the Truth, I will not suffer suicide for the sake of having the form [body] exalted.

All the universe is but my idea.

The universe is my body; air and earth are my dress and shoes.

My cup is the hemisphere of heavens. And the sparkling light my wine.

The universe, being an embodiment of my own Self is sweetness incarnate. What shall I blame? What shall I criticise? O Joy! it is all I.
The world is my body and he who can say the whole universe is my body is free from transmigration.

Playing the part of an apostle or prophet is below my dignity. I am God itself and so are you. The body is my vehicle.

I desire nothing, I have no needs, no fear, no expectation, no responsibility.

I do not want to produce any converts and gather any followers, I simply live the Truth.

Not to produce millions of followers like Buddha, Mohammed, Christ and other prophets or incarnations but to produce, evoke, or express Rama himself in every man, woman and child, is Rama's mission. Trample over the body; eat up this personality; grind, digest, and assimilate me; then and then alone you do justice to Rama.

Be you an Englishman, be you an American, be you a Mohammedan, a Buddhist, or a Hindu, or whatever you may be, you are Rama's Self. You are the Self of self to him.

My system is not for promulgation, it is to serve me "to live by".

If anybody orders me to give my philosophy in one word, I would say, "Self-reliance", the "knowledge of Self."

The wide world is my home and to do good my religion.

The essential and fundamental doctrines of my religion can be put in the words of Goethe:
"I tell you what's man's supreme vocation. Before me was no world; it is my creation. It was I who raised the sun from out the sea. The moon began her changeful course with me."

I am simply the witness of the phenomena, never entangled in them, always above them. All these phenomena are simply harmonic vibrations, the upward and downward motion of the wheel, the raising and bringing down of the step.

The Truth is that there is nothing to be afraid of. All around, in all future, in all distance, there is but One Self Supreme existent, and that is my own Self. Of whom shall I be afraid?

I fret not when fever would pay
a visit. I receive it as a friend and spiritual truths flash which could never otherwise be disclosed.

Rage wild and surge and storm,
O ocean of Ecstasy!, and level you down the earth and heavens. Drown deep and shatter and scatter all thoughts and care. Oh! what have I to do with these?

Away, ye thoughts, ye desires
which concern the transient, evanescent fame or riches of this world. Whatever be the state of this body, it concerns Me not; all bodies are mine.

I am determined to thunder out in
your bosom my Godhead, your Godhead, and proclaim it through every deed and movement.

I am Emperor Rama, whoso throne
is your own hearts. When I preached in the Vedas, when I taught at Karukshetra, Jerusalem and Mecca, I was misunderstood. I raise my voice again. My voice is your voice, "Thou Art That." Thou art all thou seest. No power can prevent it, no kings, devils, or gods can withstand it. Inevitable is Truth's order. Faint not, My head is your head, cut it if you please but a thousand others will grow in its place.

Beating in thy breast, seeing in
thy eyes, throbbing in thy pulse, smiling in the flowers, laughing in the lightning, roaring in the rivers, and silent in the mountains is Rama.

Fling aside Brahmanhood, burn
up Swamiship, throw overboard the alienating titles and honours, Rama is one with you, darling! Whoever you be, learned or ignorant, rich or poor, man or woman, saint or sinner, Christ or Judas, Krishna or Gopi, Rama is your own Self.

Christians, Hindus, Parsis, Arya-Samajists, Sikhs, Mohammedans, and all those whose muscles, bones and
brain are made by eating the grain and salt of my beloved Ishta Devi, the Bharat Bhumi, are my brothers, nay my very Self. Tell them I am theirs. I embrace all. I exclude none. I am love. Love like light robes everything and all with splendours of light. Verily, verily, I am nothing but flood of glory of love. I love all equally.

Himalayan snows, your master
orders you to keep fast to your purity and faithfnlness to Truth. Never shall ye send waters impregnated with dualism to the plains.

I am the lowest; I am the highest.
There is no lowest, no highest with Me. Wherever human eyes fall, there I am. In Jesus I appeared. In Mohammad I revealed myself. The most famous people in the world I am, and the most disreputable, ignominious, the most fallen I am, I am the All, the All.

Oh, how beautiful I am! I shine
in the lightning; I roar in the thunder; I flutter in leaves; I hiss in winds; I roll in the surging seas. The friends I am; the foes I am. Oh, what wonder of wonders that it is one Infinite Power that shows Itself in all bodies, in all the apparent personalities, in all the apparent figures. Oh, it is the I, the I, the Infinite One that is manifesting Itself in the bodies of the greatest orators, in the bodies of the greatest men, in the bodies of the most wretched creatures! Oh, what joy! I am the Infinite One and not this body.

There is not a diamond, there is
not a sun or star which shines, but to me is due its lustre. To me is due the glory of all the heavenly bodies. To me is due all the attractive nature, all the charms of the things desired.

It would be beneath my dignity, it
would be degrading on my part, first, to lend glory and charm to these objects, and then go about seeking them, to go begging at the door of worldly riches, to go begging at the door of flesh and animal desires to receive pleasures, happiness. It is below my dignity. I can never stoop to that level. No I can never go begging at their doors.

O Grave! where is thy victory?
O Death! where is thy sting?
I am the Monarch of monarchs.
It is I that appear as all the kings
in this world.

In Me does the whole world live,
move and have its being.
Everywhere it is My will that is
being done.

The bodies are numerous, Self is One,
That Self Supreme is none but I.
I am the worker, witness, judge,
The snarling critic, applauder.
Free, free is everyone to me,
No bondage, limit, fault I see.
Free, free am I and others free,
God, God I am and you and he.
No debt, no duty, fraud or fear,
I am the One, the Now, the Here.

Where is the sword that can kill
me? Where is the weapon that can wound me? Where is the calamity that can mar my cheerfulness? Where is the sorrow that can tamper with my happiness? Everlasting, the same yesterday, today, and forever, pure, and holy of holies, the master of the universe, That I am, That I am.

I cannot die, though for ever
Weave back and fro in the warp
of me?
I was never born, yet my births
of breath,
Are as many as waves on the
sleepless sea.

No sin, no grief, no pain,
Safe in my happy Self.
My fears are fled, my doubts are
My day of triumph come,

My Self to me my kingdom is
Such perfect joy therein I find.
No worldly wave my mind can
To me no gain, to me no loss.
I fear no foe, I scorn no friend.
I dread no death, I fear no end.

Oh, thief! Oh, slanderer, robber
Come, welcome, quick! Oh, don't
you fear.
Myself is thine, thine is mine.
Yes, if you, never mind, please
take away these
Things you think are mine.
Yes, if you think it fit,
Kill this body at one blow, or slay
it, bit by bit.
Take off the body, and what you
Be off with name and fame. Away!
Take off, away.
Yet, if you look, just turning
Tis I alone, am safe and sound.
Good day! Oh, dear! Good day.

O Death! Take away this body,
if you please. I care not, I have enough bodies to use, I can wear those Divine silver threads, the beams of moon, and live. I can roam as Divine minstrel, putting on the guise of hilly streams and mountain brooks, I can dance in the waves of sea, I am the breeze that proudly walks and I am the wind inebriated. My all these shapes are wandering forms of change. T came down from yonder hills, raised the dead, awakened the sleeping, unveiled the fair faces of some and wiped the tears of a few weeping ones. The nightingale and the rose both I saw and I comforted them. I touched this, I touched that, I doff my hat and off I am. Here I go and there I go, none can find Me. I keep nothing with Me.

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